Located at the Gelderlandplein 141 in Amsterdam, Bles Concept first for fashion forward women, opened its doors on October 1st 2016.
The new and improved venue, aims to reinvent the concept of retail. Customers are invited to dive into the world of Bles Concept, while being treated on a conceptual experience, filled with fashion, high-tech gadgets, art, street wear and rare vintage items.
The daily updated website features the latest products, as well as news, events, and special projects. While on Facebook and Instagram, everyone can spot & enjoy the coolest Bles Project finds.
Unexpected encounters, travel discoveries, amongst which several unique products and brands, are regularly updated at Bles Concept.
The store features exclusivities, pre-releases, limited editions, established designers, new talents and even long forgotten rare vintage items. Resulting in an eclectic, highly original concept, where modernity, originality and a careful attention to quality, go hand in hand.
This is what we stand for. An inimitable mix & match, modeled after its customers, bringing people together. Reactive, determined, influential and passionate. Yet visionary and spontaneous. That is the Bles Concept spirit.